Who We Are

From around the world, all parts of society have challenges - including health, education, civil service reform, public financial management, water, sanitation and solid waste management. Many nations face these complex development challenges, and no single group can solve them alone.

Knowing that there is strength and success in collaboration, the World Bank Group (WBG) established the Global Partnership on Leadership for Collaborative Development (GPCL4D). This partnership brings together a diverse, global and cross-sectoral group of thinkers, working to apply and integrate leadership practices to address development challenges. GPCL4D puts leadership and coalitions at the center of international development practices. The purpose of this is to enhance the knowledge and capacity around leadership approaches by providing a sustainable forum for ongoing activities, knowledge exchange and trainings.

GPL4D is buildings on the important Leadership work begun by WBG in 2007 with Leadership Matters and in 2008 with the Leadership Round Table. It aims to make leadership and coalitions central to development through meaningful collaboration, knowledge exchange and research on tools and methods to support leadership to address complex challenges. 

As a Partner, you will foster and contribute to the global engagement on leadership in our increasingly complex world and share knowledge about leadership and coalition building approaches. Together, this Partnership will build a network of thought leaders and practitioners around leadership and coalitions for development. 

For more information on how to join GPCL4D, please contact us at lead4dev@worldbank.org.

What We Do

There exists a gap between where projects are (current state) and where they want to be (desired state).  The current state is the result of a particular way of doing things.  Existing mindsets, organizational structures and incentives account for the status quo outcome. Moving towards the desired state will require change. Assumptions, mental models and behaviors will have to be reviewed and modified.  Reducing this gap is therefore a unique leadership challenge.  Why?  Because, in order to do so, a complex array of stakeholders will have to be mobilized to review their assumptions, mental models and modify their behaviors in alignment with reaching the desired state.  Ultimately, stakeholders need to see, think and behave differently.

Our Approach

The Global Partnership on Leadership for Development puts leadership and coalitions at the center of development by continually enhancing the know-how around practical approaches to find sustainable solutions to complex problems. The Partnership brings a vision to become the preferred destination for meaningful collaboration, knowledge exchange and cutting edge research on tools and methods, to support leadership in countries that need to overcome “wicked problems” facing most societies today. Taking on the above-mentioned challenges, the Partnership focuses on:
  1. Generating / Curating Knowledge
  2. Developing Strong Partnerships
  3. Development of Leadership Capacity
  4. Supporting Operational Work

Leadership Blog

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The World Bank's Collaborative Leadership for Development Program (CL4D)

Collaborative Leadership for Development (CL4D) is designed to accelerate the implementation of development projects. CL4D seeks to address the ' people' issues that often impede the pace of implementation of technically well-designed projects. Focusing on behavioral changes that are required to navigate complex CL4D builds teams’ capacity to mobilize key stakeholders, build coalitions, and achieve results. Consequently, teams adopt a multi-stakeholder approach to developing Innovative solutions that address local challenges and deliverer results within a short timeframe. These intermediary outcomes, when institutionalized, contribute to the overall behavioral, organizational and institutional change to enable teams to achieve shared prosperity. CL4D has delivered positive outcomes across different sectors, including health, education, civil service reform, public financial management, water, sanitation and solid waste management. Read the materials below for more information:

CL4D Portfolio of Unblocking Project Implementation Challenges and Accelerating Progress [PDF 1.0 MB] Overview: Collaborative Leadership for Development Program [PDF 2.0 MB]
CL4D Portfolio of Project Implementation CL4D Program Brochure