The Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions vice presidency of the World Bank Group (WBG) and international partners organized the Global Leadership Forum in Washington, DC on March 6-7, 2017. See Press Release

2017 RECAP

The theme of the 2017 Global Leadership Forum was “Building Leadership for Reform in Divided Societies.” Global events over the past year have exposed an increasingly divided society in countries across the world. Even in more mature democracies, their citizens have become more partisans on key issues faced by their country. However, the nature of the challenges is complexly multi-sectoral, and requires actors across multiple sections of society to come together to solve. In such a situation, collaborative leadership can play a major role in bringing together relevant actors and help generate inclusive solutions. AGENDA

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The 2017 Global Leadership Forum brough partners, leaders and practitioners from government, academia, civil society, other international development organizations working in areas of collaborative leadership. Through interactions and sharing of experiences, the Forum seeks to surface leadership approaches to bring together diverse stakeholders to achieve results in divided societies. The 2016 Jose Edgardo Campos Collaborative Leadership Awards were also presented. Hear their leadership stories...

This Forum was the second in a series of events by the Global Partnership on Collaborative Leadership for Development  (GPCL4D) that puts leadership and coalitions at the center of international development practices.

The GPCL4D aims to move the Leadership agenda forward by creating a sustainable partnership among like-minded practitioners who are committed to making Leadership and Coalitions central to development practices. It increases the impact of Leadership and Coalitions in development by becoming a destination for meaningful collaboration, knowledge exchange and cutting-edge research on tools and methods, and by supporting leadership in countries that need to overcome the “wicked problems” facing many societies today.

Outcomes of the Forum:

  1. Surface effective approaches to lead for reform and build a broad-based support and coalitions;
  2. Better support development practitioners in working with stakeholders in advancing reforms;
  3. Develop an action plan for the Partnership’s future efforts.

By coming together at the Forum, the Partnership generates knowledge, develops strong partnerships and enhances leadership capacity while supporting operational work to attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For more information on the Global Leadership Forum and the program, please contact us at:


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2016 RECAP


The World Bank Group and its Collaborative Leadership for Development program and international partners held the 2016 GLOBAL LEADERSHIP FORUM in Washington, D.C. on June 1-3, 2016. The Global Partnership on Collaborative Leadership for Development (GPCL4D) is increasing the impact of Leadership and Coalitions in development by continually enhancing the knowledge around practical approaches to finding sustainable solutions to complex problems. It is the destination for meaningful collaboration, knowledge exchange and cutting-edge research on tools and methods. The GPCL4D supports leadership in countries that need to overcome the “wicked problems” facing societies today. Read the Proceedings Report


  • Develop an Integrated Platform that fosters the sharing of information in real time and supports development of an empirical evidence base;
  • Create Dynamic Action Learning Programs to support capacity development of change agents, with a focus on enabling behavior change;
  • Implement Operations Support to successfully overcome obstacles and accelerate implantation progress;
  • Establish a Formalized Agreement of GPCL4D Principles to create a partnership framework;
  • Coordinate Mutual Reinforcement of Efforts by partners in the field of Leadership and Coalitions.                                   Watch the Hightlights!                          

Who attended?

This first-ever 2016 GLOBAL LEADERSHIP FORUM gathered more than 200 representatives from governments, private enterprises, research institutions, civil society and foundations. The event focused on facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience of policymakers and practitioners in the area of Leadership and Collaboration and highlighting the increasingly important role Leadership and Collaboration plays in promoting international development solutions.

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Presentations from the Forum

Hackathon Heifetz Fukuyama
  Also watch "Leadership: The Adaptive Framework" Also watch "Politics, Institutions, and Development"



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